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UGP was founded by Mac Todd and Ben Smock in 2013. During their years playing junior golf together, they quickly established high standards for how the synchronization of coaching, fitness and club fitting should be delivered across the spectrum. Urban Golf Performance was established to give every golfer the PGA Tour level experience they deserve.


Rated 5-Stars by Golf Digest and Los Angeles 

The UGP Process is something typically reserved for the top golfers in the world. With a team of golf professionals, health and wellness experts, and a custom club fitting and building department there is no detail overlooked in developing players of all types at UGP.



“The ultimate goal of UGP is to redefine the developmental standards that govern the game of golf.
- UGP Founder, Mac Todd

At UGP, our coaches adhere to the foundations of science and deduction when identifying the right direction to take with each individual player. Every body moves differently, every mind processes individually. Our team gathers every bit of information possible through our myriad of technology, collectively forming our action plan as we track daily, weekly, and monthly progress through trend analysis. 



The UGP Fitness Program is designed to develop fundamentals, and build upon them.

Starting with a comprehensive fitness assessment, our health and wellness team identifies if there are any major limitations in your movement patterns that may be affecting your swing and game. Our team also tests for speed, strength and stamina. Upon finding the results, we custom tailor a program that can range from rehabilitation and corrective exercises, to explosive speed and strength training designed to take you beyond the next level.

At UGP our health and wellness department is built for one purpose, to help our players enjoy golf from a place of no pain and boundless potential. 


UGP is a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter. Utilizing the best brands in golf along with Tour Level technology, there isn't a better place in LA to get custom fit. UGP is dedicated to making sure that each client can trust their equipment and swing with confidence.

"The UGP fitting process is a tool for game development, fostering natural movement to promote consistency."
-Matt Mora, UGP Master Club Fitter