One of the most elusive components of our games is often accuracy. But what we often find is that players attempt to gain accuracy through hitting straighter shots. While this is useful in intent, it’s very improbable in execution. Unless you’re a freak of nature your shot likely has a dominant shape, or just maybe you are able to shape the ball both ways. In either case shot shape is an underutilized advantage as it pertains to accuracy and here is why.

If I'm aiming down a fairway that is 40 yards wide, and I want to hit a straight shot, I only have 20 yards left or right before I miss the fairway. Considering that the amateur golfer averages 25-30 yards left or right of the centerline on mishits, this puts us outside of the fairway regularly. HOWEVER, if we have a keen understanding of our predominant shot shape, or shot shapes in general, we can effectively utilize the entire width of fairway, leaving a much more manageable margin for error. To simplify it all, would you rather have 20 yards or 40 yards of wiggle room? So pick a shape, pick a side, and let it rip.

So, there is a difference between the concepts of straight and straighter that we must understand to shoot lower scores. Use your time at UGP to develop and refine your shot shapes, and use those shot shapes on the course to give yourself the best possible advantage on every hole.

In case you need any more convincing, the following is for your viewing pleasure.