Our diverse team of Health Professionals get you feeling mobile, pain-free, and living longer. Utilizing the best techniques based on scientific principles, our team curates sound health strategies for longevity and athletic development.



Manual Therapy

Our golf-specific Manual Therapy targets the soft-tissues, nerves, and bones for optimal postural alignment and ease of movement with awareness. Each session targets muscles and tissues that are overused, injured, or mal-positioned.


Mobility & Mechanics

Carefully sleuthing posture, gait, and the golf swing, our Movement Specialists leverage individual abilities to maximize range of motion, achieve biomechanical efficiency, and alleviate pain.


Brain Training

Using the best mindfulness, neurofeedback, and neurological training and technology, our team can create baselines for your brain, and strengthen neural connections for improved learning, function, and performance.



Health Assessment Process

  • Comprehensive Medical History
  • Motivational Goal-setting
  • Postural, Gait, and Biomechanical Analysis
  • Brain Baseline
  • Nutritional Overview
  • Sleep Strategies
  • Health Development Plan

Begin the Road to Recovery and Health

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