At UGP we have created a golf health department optimized towards overall well being and golf specific fitness training. The top golfers in the world have a team of health professionals that help them achieve their goals, all while promoting longevity; now it's your turn. 

The UGP Health Team is a hand-selected team of professionals designated with the task of promoting the optimal wellness and fitness of our members. 

A team of UGP Health Professionals consult, train, and heal players with dysfunction, pain and injury through techniques that are so unique, people come from around the world to experience the effects. Our Fitness Trainers can bring your game back, through functional movements that enhance mobility and stability in all dimensions of human function. Our Manual Therapists provide soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, and rehabilitative exercises that can help you recover faster with better results, enhancing both your golf game and lifestyle. 

There simply isn't a better place to develop your health in tandem with your golf game. All results from the health department at UGP are shared with our golf coaching and club fitting department. No critical information goes unaccounted for while creating and evolving your process with us. 




Fill out this form and our Team will contact you to schedule your personalized fitness assessment and begin your elite experience at UGP.