Meet Our Team


Mac Todd 

Mac grew up around a vibrant golf community with rich history and traditions. 

An interesting journey that has included competing with the best, training with world-class instructors, and a unique education, gives Mackenzie the experience to have built Urban Golf Performance, and continue to fuel it's impact on the game. 

Mackenzie resides in Santa Monica with his wife Alessandra, and two children Sophia and Seve.



After graduating from the University of Colorado, Brian had a brief stint on the professional golf circuits. Working in sales and Marketing for one of Los Angele's Top design/Build firms propelled him into the Tech world where he was the Head of Business Development for a custom Mobile App and Web Development Company. 

Brian brings his experience in Technology, Design/Build, and Business Logistics to Urban Golf Performance where he is responsible for our Operations and Project management. 

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Chris grew up on the East Coast playing hockey year round and golf in the summer. After graduating from The Golf Academy of America, he began traveling and working at well known clubs around the country. 

In the last decade, Chris has taught thousands of golfers from California to Southern Europe. Chris' personality and enthusiasm is what makes him such a unique coach to the Urban Golf Performance team. 





Chad has extensive knowledge and experience in the game as both a coach and a player. He was an elite junior player before making the switch into the coaching side of the game. He is an expert in utilizing ground force which is why distance is one of his specialties. 

Chad has the ability to speak the language to golfers of all skill levels with his combined experiences as a coach and as a player. 

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From Stockholm, Sweden, Leo has been playing golf for over 18 years. With a competitive background in college golf in Southern California and three years on the professional Tour in Europe, Leo also competed in long driving with a 445 yard record. 

By combining his degree in exercise science and personal golfing background, Leo helps golfers improve their game both on and off the course. Leo has also focused his studies on how body movement affects the golf swing, sports psychology, motor learning, skill acquisition, and strength and conditioning. 



Rian moved from Maryland to Los Angeles to pursue a career in health and fitness. He successfully owned and operated a private gym for 6 years before deciding to make Urban Golf Performance his new home. 

Certified in Anatomy in Motion and NeuroKinetic Therapy, Rian strives to unlock every golfer's true potential and increase mobility with these movement techniques. 

He believes if one part of the body isn't functioning correctly, then the whole swing can be compromised. Once the problem is diagnosed, the golfer now has the tools to focus on the game and swing effortlessly. 

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Matt's curiosity about how golf clubs affect ball flight led him to have various jobs within the golf industry, ranging from simple club work in a local pro shop, to his time spent fitting and custom building on Cleveland Golf's Tech Van, and working on club & shaft design as a Technical Director for KZGolf in North Hollywood. 

This Golf Digest Top 100 Club fitter works hand-in-hand with professional swing coaches and top fitness trainers at UGP. Matt's process has then developed to include analysis of swing dynamics and fitness screens to help educate his players about their equipment. 



Born in Galway in the West of Ireland, Kevin has over 20 years of experience in the golf industry. As a Class A Clubmaker and United States Golf Teachers Association member, he has spent the last 13 years improving the games, and clubs of many golfers in the Los Angeles area. 

Kevin brings his extensive knowledge of golf club components to the fitting philosophy of improved motion enhanced by properly fitted equipment. Kevin is passionate about helping every golfer in their quest for improvement.