After just one lesson and the club fitting, I have already shaved strokes off my game.  Whether you're just starting the game or have been playing for years, UGP is the place to go.
- Peter D.

At the beginning, I was more skeptical about the fitness offering.  But it's actually become the part I like best..creative exercises that coincide and reinforce what you're doing on the golf side. 
- R. A.

The hands-on progressive approach provided by the coaches & staff at UGP is next to none in LA or anywhere else in the US.
- Drew P.

This is probably the closest one can get to what is available to the touring professional golfer.  This is a total body experience. If one is serious about improving your game you must also make sure your body can do what your club needs to do.
- Mitchell G.

I can see why being properly fitted is the way to go if you're serious about this great game and why buying clubs on line or off the rack isn't going to come close to getting the best option into your hands and onto the fairways. 
- Jon S.

 Stop wasting time and money on useless gimmicks, marketing, and "tips" and find out how to really improve. You'll be glad you did.
- Johnny L.

They have fitness coaches who really understand how the body is supposed to move in the swing and can tailor a fitness program to your needs.
- Steve L.

They offer an unmatched in depth assessment of the swing, witch includes  fitness, mobility, strength and my entire body in general. I can not say enough great thing about this place, but can honestly say that I have never been to such an amazing golf training facility.
- Jimmy H.

At UGP, they take the approach of working from the ground up and covering everything from swing fundamentals, physical fitness and the mental side of golf. The facility itself is top notch and each bay is decked out
Max R.